Where It All Started

Is it… Premay Gancho? What does Gancho mean? That question is often asked when you first hear the name Prime Gancho. I’m here to explain where it all started and how the name came about.

I used to be heavy into surf fishing. If I wasn’t fishing, I was thinking about fishing or talking about it when I should be working. Down time at the job would often lead to discussing plans for the weekend and guess what I was doing? Fishing… There were a couple of guys at the plant that were big salt heads too. We’d chat about what they’re hitting on and where, until one of us finally offered an invite to go fishing. Coworkers now turned fishing buddies.

It’s the summer of 2016 and the surf bite is hot. Particularly Black Tip and Bull shark. The land base shark fishing tournament scene is kicking off so what better way to flex our skills and team build with the homies from work? Enter a tournament! Plan in motion. We have all the gear to set up camp and we just put some fresh braid and top shot on the 50w. Ask for that weekend off and let’s do this! We’ll register during lunch.

To register as a team, we needed a team name. We spent the rest of the shift rattling off some corny cliché names like “Texas Saltwater Surf Assassins” “Salty Surfside Samurais” for example. A catalogue of generic word play that has been heard before. At glance of the online registry, 50% of the teams had the name Texas in it and the other fifty was salty something. The entire roster had an intimidating characteristic in some way or another. As savage as land base sharking is, fishing has never been an aggressive activity to me. Looking back at in now, Prime Gancho has always set themselves apart from the competition. Also true to who we are today, distinctive and descriptive.

While we spent a little time bull shittin, our long days at the mill were spent manufacturing oil country tubular goods. The final product we produce was referred to as “Prime Pipe”. Prime pipe was the cream crop. Surpassing a technical process exceeding industry standards. We all met here at work; we want to be the best at this tournament let’s call ourselves Prime Hooks! Better yet. We’re all Latinos, lets flip it and use the translation of gancho to represent our race.

All though the team name was not unanimous, it was overruled into existence. By definition of the word “Prime” our brand has emulated this meaning. Of first importance, of best possible quality, a state or time of strength of success in a person’s life. Consistently ingrained with culture, we are Prime Gancho.