What We Offer


The Drip

We commission local talent for our artwork as well as quality printers, embroiders and seamstress from our own communities. Some products are hand sewn in house and all garments are visually inspected to assure a prime product is delivered.

Since we are fishermen first before a “tee-shirt salesmen“, we consider functionality over aesthetics. Our performance apparel is selected for its intended environment. We use quality material to keep you cool when it’s hot, warm when it’s cold and dry but still “Drip” without getting wet. It is our commitment to continuously improve our functionality with fashion.

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The Experience

The days of fishing banks and piers, hoping to catch a fish have evolved into navigating estuaries, tactically targeting various inshore species. Over the past 24 years our time on the water has gained us the qualifications, knowledge and confidence for Prime Gancho founder to earn his USCG Mariner Credential.

We want you to join us in experiencing what it’s like to see the sunrise over the bay, hear the water and wind flow while you feel the strike of a fish.

Our quest on fishing charters around the world have shown us the differences in just a fishing trip and what makes it an experience. The benefits we offer set us apart for a special VIP treatment aboard our vessel at Prime Gancho Charters.


The Shot

Our eyes have seen the beauty of the outdoors which has compelled us to share these sights through photography. Our creative prospective has caught the attention of fellow outdoorsmen as well as the recognition from top creative teams in the fishing industry. Whether your photo needs are to tell a story or drive sales, our expertise in lifestyle and product photography is certain to capture an engaging moment.